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How to Safely Order Erectile Dysfunction Medication from an Online Canadian Pharmacy Service

Gentlemen, we understand how you feel.  You went to see your doctor about your erectile dysfunction and that was a difficult thing to do.  Handed a prescription for  Viagra or other medication to treat your situation you’re now faced with either going to a pharmacy in person or ordering online. We get it! It’s not easy!

You CAN order Viagra from a Canadian pharmacy service privately – at home!

We’re going to take you through this process to show you how to make a safe purchase of your Viagra, Cialis or other ED medication online.

Note: You may not be able to use a VISA card or MasterCard to make your online purchase..

MasterCard maintains a watch list of merchants that it deems to be “high-risk”.  Visa also has access to this list and chooses to adhere to its claims.  Many, if not all, Canadian pharmacy services have been placed on this MATCH list – even some Canadian pharmacy services that are safe, legal, and CIPA certified! MATCH stands for “member alert to control high risk”. 

What does “high risk” mean?  Well, unfortunately, not all online pharmacy services are safe or legit. If you are looking for a Canadian pharmacy, as a consumer you should start by going to the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) website. CIPA is a Canadian association that does an excellent job of supporting pharmacies and companies that work with licensed pharmacies.  All members of CIPA require a prescription, post their address and phone number, have privacy policies, and ensure your financial information is kept secure. Please visit the CIPA website and review the information they have on their website.  Double checking the credentials and certifications of your provider will give you piece of mind in knowing you are getting safe medications you can trust from a provider you can trust.

If you’re wondering about Jason’s, not only are we CIPA certified, we’re registered with the Better Business Bureau!

Both MasterCard and Visa comply with rules created by an independent organization called LegitScript.  LegitScript is stated to be funded by BigPharma in this lawsuit:

LegitScript’s rules will only allow for an online pharmacy to be licensed within the United States and therefore any licensed, regulatory compliant, or legitimate pharmacy located outside of the USA or in Canada, for example, is unable to comply with LegitScript’s BigPharma funded rules.

Relax – we have your covered.  You CAN order your Viagra, Cialis or other erectile dysfunction medication safely without a VISA or MASTERCARD!

Here are some other ways you can order from a Canadian pharmacy:

Knowing you can still get your prescription filled without having to face a pharmacist (and you’ll save money!) is enough to give a lot of men peace of mind.  Who needs extra stress?  Simply go online to a safe and trusted Canadian pharmacy like Jason’s and place your order.  If you have any questions about your order our team is happy to talk to you – privately.

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