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Eye Drops Used to Relieve Eye Pain and Inflammation

When the eyes are inflamed, they become red, swollen and can water. Some people also suffer from severe pain and a significant reduction in vision.

Causes of Eye Inflammation

Eye inflammation can be traced back to numerous different causes.

Treatment of Eye Inflammation

If eye inflammation is recognized and treated in time, the healing process is usually uncomplicated. Antibiotic eye drops are used for treatment if bacteria is the cause of the infection.

In the case of an allergic reaction, contact with the allergen should be avoided where possible.

Antiviral eye drops are frequently used against viral infections. Eye ointments containing cortisone are also often prescribed.


Which Anti-Inflammatory Eye Drop Raises Intraocular Pressure?

As Dr. William Barry Lee’s answer from aao.org, the only anti-inflammatory drops that raise eye pressure are corticosteroids. If corticosteroids are avoided, the eye pressure will remain normal if no underlying predisposition to elevated pressure exists.

The most common class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories are often referred to as NSAIDs, and they do not cause elevated eye pressure. These eye drops are used to prevent and treat eye inflammation and pain following surgery or laser treatment.

These include:


Cyclosporine (Restasis) is another anti-inflammatory drop that does not increase eye pressure. It is commonly used to treat the inflammation of conditions such as dry eye syndrome or systemic conditions leading to ocular inflammation.

Other Medications for Sore Or Irritated Eyes

These drops can be bought from pharmacies to relieve sore, red, bloodshot, or irritated eyes caused by things like dusty or smoky atmospheres, eye strain or chlorine in swimming pools.


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