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Estragyn Vaginal Cream (Estrone)

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Estragyn Vaginal Cream
Prescription Required

Active Ingredient: Estrone

Product Information

  1. Estrace
  2. Estring
  3. Femring
  4. Ortho Dienestrol
  5. Premarin
  6. Premarin Vaginal
  7. Vagifem


Estrogens Are Hormones Produced By The Body. Among Other Things, Estrogens Help Develop And Maintain Female Organs.When Your Body Is In Short Supply Of This Hormone, Replacing It Can Ease The Uncomfortable Changes That Occur In The Vagina, Vulva (Female Genitals), And Urethra (Part Of The Urinary System). Conditions That Are Treated With Vaginal Estrogens Include A Genital Skin Condition (Vulvar Atrophy), Inflammation Of The Vagina (Atrophic Vaginitis), And Inflammation Of The Urethra (Atrophic Urethritis).Estrogens Work Partly By Increasing A Normal Clear Discharge From The Vagina And Making The Vulva And Urethra Healthy. Using Or Applying An Estrogen Relieves Or Lessens:

  • Dryness and soreness in the vagina
  • Itching, redness, or soreness of the vulva
  • Feeling an urge to urinate more often then is needed or experiencing pain while urinating
  • Pain during sexual intercourse


When used vaginally or on the skin, most estrogens are absorbed into the bloodstream and cause some, but not all, of the same effects as when they are taken by mouth. Estrogens used vaginally at very low doses for treating local problems of the genitals and urinary system will not protect against osteoporosis or stop the hot flushes caused by menopause.

Estrogens for vaginal use are available only with your doctor’s prescription.

This product is available in the following dosage forms:

  • Cream
  • Insert, Extended Release
  • Capsule, Liquid Filled
  • Tablet

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